Welcome to KIMI Wisconsin!

A Very Important Announcement…

2013-10-20 10.29.13WHi, this is Laura Diehl, and I have something important I want to share with you. Kids in Ministry International has been a part of my life and my avenue of ministry for a decade. I first met Becky Fischer at a children’s pastors’ conference in Minnesota. This was in the late 1990s, before she started Kids in Ministry International. Our paths crossed again, as she birthed KIMI in 2001.

In 2004 I was in the first group of people she got together to impart her vision, to see how God would connect us to help be part of the KIMI team. Shortly after that, I became a travel partner with Becky, mentoring under her and traveling to several states and countries, including Colombia, England, and Australia.

In 2009 Becky released me to go to the nations on behalf of Kids in Ministry, and since then have held trainings to start PowerClubs in Uganda 6 times, Tanzania twice, Nigeria, and Honduras, along with some trainings here in Wisconsin.

In January of 2010 I began to administrate the KIMI school, Leading the Lambs to the Lion Training Course (now known as the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry) as there was no one communicating with or overseeing any of the students. Then two years ago, Kids in Ministry started bringing on board state directors, at which time I added the blessing of being the director of KIMI Wisconsin.

At the beginning of August this year, God began to reveal to me that I have been in a season, and my time of leadership within Kids in Ministry International has come to a close. This was very surprising to me, as I thought KIMI is where I would be for many, many years, if not the rest of my life. God knew that, and very graciously confirmed this new direction in many ways.

I have now stepped down from being the director of KIMI Wisconsin, and am in the process of turning all of my leadership positions over to other Kids in Ministry leaders.
After a transition period, I will continue to minister to children and do trainings and conferences. If you would like to remain connected to me along with KIMI as I step out in my own ministry, you can go to my website www.crownofgloryministries.org.

I have loved being the director of KIMI Wisconsin, and will continue to work with you side-by-side for the children of Wisconsin.

Laura Diehl


10683450_687292611349012_6261715156377378297_oHi, This is Becky Fischer. And I immediately wanted to jump in and express my personal heartfelt thanks to Laura for the many years of faithful dedication and devotion she has given to Kids in Ministry, and to me as her mentor and friend. Laura and I have worked very closely together over the years, especially when she volunteered to take the responsibilities that came with overseeing the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry.

In Laura’s own words, “I have been so very blessed and honored to mentor under you and to be a part of Kids in Ministry since the first day I was trained to be a KIMI Missionary Representative in November of 2004 and you didn’t know what to do with any of us! That was the day God started me on the path to my destiny of sending me to children in the nations.

I thought this would be the avenue God would use for the rest of my life to fulfill this calling He gave me, but as I told you on August 5th, God surprised me by telling me and confirming in multiple ways that being under your leadership was a season in my life, and it is now time for me to move out from under KIMI and go the direction He is sending me in my own personal ministry.”

Laura has been with us from the beginning. She’s a part of the spiritual “furniture” of KIMI. But I have known in my heart that if I did my job right, we would be a launching pad for a number of leaders and that not all will stay. There are others God will eventually call out as well.

I remember what it was like when I realized I could no longer be satisfied with being a children’s pastor because the vision in my heart was “too big for the house (local church)”. This is really as much of a time to rejoice as it is to mourn, because Laura will be taking a piece of us with her and I know beyond a doubt that whatever she does she will be helping to “redefine children’s ministry in the 21st century!

We love you, Laura!